Need to get in shape for summer, increase your stamina and endurance, or strengthen the overall health of your cardiovascular system?  Williams Martial Arts offers a series of fun Rochester NY cardio classes to help you shape-up and be the very best version of you.  Regardless of whether you've ever taken a Karate class, it's vital to take care of your body's heart and cardiovascular function.  Classes are suitable for both beginners and more advanced athletes, with convenient evening and weekend hours depending on your class preference.

We're proud to offer classes for all people of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels, allowing you to progress at a pace that's comfortable and rewarding based on your specific goals.  Our most popular cardio fitness classes in Rochester include:

Kardio Bang with Weights

Tuesday evenings, from 5:30 to 6:30 PM

Kardio Bang with Weights

Saturday mornings, from 9:00 to 10:00 AM

Don’t be surprised if you walk in and we have changed it up to a stations class for that day.

This promotes muscle confusion, which will burn more calories and give more muscle growth.

Rochester NY Cardio Classes for Men & Women

For more information on the advantages of taking a cardio class at Williams Martial Arts in Rochester, give us a call at 585-520-7007, or write to us with any questions you may have through our website's contact page.

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