You can't overstate the importance of staying safe in today's world; crimes are on the rise, assaults are more frequent, and many have a sense of false confidence that simply isn't there.

At Williams Martial Arts, have been working hard to offer some of the most popular women's martial arts and self-defense classes in the Rochester area.  Our adrenaline-inspired classes have been carefully developed to teach the fundamentals of self-defense, using the most practical scenarios to ensure that you're prepared for any situation.

  • Surroundings and awareness training
  • Avoiding potentially dangerous scenarios
  • Identifying & reacting to real threats
  • Improving defense response time
  • Blocking, defense and escape moves
  • Other helpful, effective training techniques

Adrenaline Self-defense Classes for Women

Every one of us has an inner fight-or-flight defense mechanism, though few understand the most effective and proper ways to react once it's been triggered.  Our well-rounded and extremely fun (just see the pictures) female self-defense classes are a great way to enhance reaction, response and confidence, while meeting others who share your passion.

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