Some of the most grounded and accomplished people attribute their success to the confidence and skills learned while taking karate at a young age. So whether you're the parent of a child who's interested in learning the martial arts, or looking for a way to help them build confidence and a solid values foundation for the rest of their life, Williams Martial Arts is proud to be one of the leading schools for youth Karate in Rochester NY.

Our classes are taught by some of the area's most respected instructors, in an environment that's safe, motivational and centered around your success.

A Diverse Range of Youth Karate Classes in Rochester

Here at Williams Martial Arts in Rochester, we're honored to provide a variety of Karate classes for children of all ages; from our Tiny Tigers program for younger students, all the way up to our advanced youth and teen training for those looking to earn an advanced belt or compete.  Like all classes, our kid's karate begins at the White Belt level and progresses through the stripes at a pace your child is comfortable with. At WMA we proud ourselves in making sure that your child earns their next stripe or belts. We don’t just hand it out for the convenience factor. It might take a little more time to get your lack belt, but you will look, feel and act like a quality black belt when you reach your goal. And we guarantee that all of your tests will be challenging.

If your son or daughter is interested in learning karate for confidence, self-defense or progression towards competitive martial arts, we invite you to learn why we're the youth Karate school Rochester trusts!  Give us a call at 585-520-7007 or write to William's Martial Arts through our contact page.

To learn more about our Rochester Karate classes, self-defense training or youth programs, get in touch with Williams Martial Arts by calling 585-520-7007. Or contact one of our instructors by email through our secure contact page.

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