Our youth Karate classes have been carefully refined over many years, to help children from an early age in better understanding some of life's most important lessons and moral foundations.  Here are just of the few ways in which we strive to provide the very best experience.


One of the basic premises of the martial arts is respect. We teach respect first, for themselves and all around them, and then we teach technique.


While we use the theory of an oriental warrior's disciplinary training, it is geared more towards teaching children self-control as their mind and body matures.


Through our routine technical training, a child's physical and mental coordination will improve.


The discipline and rules of conduct in our classes, along with the bowing answering 'yes, sir/ma'am' and other attitude requirements, help shape the child's behavior in a positive direction.


Children discover self-value and pride through our training with the attitude of, 'he can do it, she can do it, I can do it'.


Many children have gotten used to instant gratification common in our high-tech world. Our classes will help to bring out their inner calmness and endurance. As they experience achievement through the progression of our belt system, they will learn to pursue goals with an 'always finish what you start' attitude.


Developing power of concentration through our training is assisted by our 'all our effort' which must be performed by the child in every class. Children learn the three keys of concentration - focus mind, focus eyes, and focus bodies. This is one of the most important benefits of our program. These power of concentration are transferred into a child's academic performance.


Children in our program learn that you must not only do the right thing, but you must do the right thing for the right reason. It's easy to do something because you fear punishment. Personal responsibility means that our children must choose the correct path on their own and accept the consequences for incorrect actions.


Group training with other children teaches the skill of teamwork. Teamwork skills are valuable for use throughout the course of life.

Better Health

A formal training program helps to develop a child's body, inside and out. Better mental and physical health improves all other areas of a child's life, such as eating and sleeping habits.

Grow with Sense of Justice

By utilizing our warrior's honor codes, children will mature and grow with a sense of fairness. Our instructors will enforce the right way and wrong way throughout our lessons.